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Tips for Evaluating Truck Tire Casings for Retreadability


With the plethora of tire brands available to trucking fleets these days, determining which ones have quality casings for retreading can be daunting, but should not be.

There is no reason for fleet managers to make subjective judgments about casing quality; objective information is readily available to research the best value proposition.

The advent and implementation of latest generation non-destructive testing equipment provides a look inside the casing allows for very objective evaluation. Retreaders also have access to a database on inspection rejection rates of different casings by brand, wheel position and application; this information can serve as an initial indicator for casing quality assessment and sourcing decisions.

In addition, help your fleet customers compare the dimensions and weight of casings:

• Is the casing buff radius wide enough to accommodate a drive tire retread?
• How large is the road contact area?
• Is there a substantial weight variance from known quality casings you have experience with?

If the tire is lighter with a narrow tread and smaller contact area, it might indicate that materials have been removed and corners cut to decrease the cost of producing the tire. On the other hand, if the tire is substantially heavier then it may generate and hold heat, becoming susceptible to separation and reduced service life.

Tire dealers and retreaders can become invaluable resources to their fleet customers in helping them objectively evaluate the various truck tire brands for retreadability.

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