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Fracking Presents Opportunities for Tire Dealers


Hydraulic fracturing or “ fracking” has certainly been good for the U.S. economy, and typically what’s good for the economy is good for commercial tire dealers.

The positive impact on medium/heavy truck tire sales from this energy sector windfall is even more significant because the rural areas where most of the hydraulic fracturing is taking place do not have the most up-to-date roads and highways. This crumbling infrastructure calls for tough trucks with even tougher tires!

Development and expansion of these vast tracts of land (the three largest deposit areas cover over 360,000 square miles) call for thousands of truckloads of materials to build and maintain wells to tap oil that was beyond our reach only five years ago.

Hydraulic fracturing injects millions of gallons of fluid into a well. This liquid weighing a little more than eight pounds per gallon is mostly trucked in and, according to sources, a single well requires the equivalent of eight million car trips on rural roads, creating a steady pounding beyond their originally designed limitations.

According to Patrick Gunn, Director of Sales and Marketing of Commercial Tires for Giti Tire (USA) Ltd., GT Radial is up to the challenge of providing durable tires that can absorb the punishment presented by these conditions.

“Giti Tire has been building durable solutions for tough tire problems on the international stage for the past three decades, utilizing our five global R&D centers and field testing in some of the toughest conditions around the world,” he said.

Gunn said the GT Radial GT876 and GDM635 combined offer best practice solutions for fleets operating in the challenging fracking environments.
The GT876 is an all-wheel position wide base radial tire designed for heavy front axles in 385/65R22.5 16 PR, 425/65R22.5 20 PR and 445/65R22.5 20 PR sizing at 23/32nds tread depth, providing maximum flotation in steering through the messiest conditions.

The GDM635 is a drive position tire that will handle the toughest conceivable environments. Available in 11R22.5 16PR and 11R24.5 16 PR sizes, the 32/32nd deep tread independent block design provides traction and durability in the most adverse conditions.

The three largest deposit areas where fracking is transforming sleepy rural communities into boom towns are:

• The Bakken formation is a rock unit occupying about 200,000 square miles of the subsurface of the Williston Basin, underlying parts of Montana, North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

• The Permian Basin is 86,000 square miles centered on Midland, Texas. It has been pumping oil since the 1920s; production peaked at about two million barrels a day in the early 1970s. For decades, geologists have known that oil could be found in the different layers of rock thus creating the current resurgence.

• The Eagle Ford Formation, a sedimentary rock formation underlying much of South Texas, is one of the most actively drilled targets for oil and gas in the United States today.

The building boom in residential housing, trucking terminals, oil exploration fields, storage yards and man camps is placing a tremendous strain on a transportation infrastructure not designed for the ever increasing class 6,7 and 8 truck populations that are working these areas on a daily basis.

“The durability and unequaled value provided by the GT Radial GT876 and GDM635 mixed service tires are perfect for these demanding environments,” Gunn said. “I encourage our customers to contact their Giti Tire sales representative to learn more about these products and how their business can benefit from the current boom in oil field exploration.”

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