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High Quality Truck and Bus Wheels Now Available for GT Radial Dealers


Giti Tire is adding aluminum cast alloy truck and bus wheels to its North American commercial product portfolio in 2015.
Seyen Brand aluminum cast alloy truck and bus wheels will be available to GT Radial commercial dealers in mid 2015 in minimum orders of 24 wheels from Giti Tire distribution centers. They are initially available in the key 22.5 and 24.5 size and configurations.

Giti Tire (USA) Ltd. and the Seyen Alloy Wheel Company are both subsidiaries of Singapore-based Giti Tire China (Investment) Co.

“Seyen wheels are the perfect complement to GT Radial commercial tires in terms of quality and value,” said Patrick Gunn, Director of Sales and Marketing, Commercial Tires, for Giti Tire (USA). “We’re creating a family brand tire and wheel offering that our dealers can have great success with.”

Seyen is one of only five wheel companies out of over 140 in China that has achieved original equipment approvals and is currently supplying GM and other vehicle manufacturers in the passenger vehicle market worldwide. The expansion into the commercial truck and bus replacement wheel market in North America is a natural extension of that success.

Seyen’s advanced alloy wheel casting technology delivers:

• High Strength, safer than steel.
• Longer wheel life with fewer failures.
• Excellent heat dissipation that effectively protects the braking system.
• Superior air seal.
• Up to 37 lbs. lighter per wheel than steel.

Ask your GT Radial representative how Seyen alloy wheels can provide you greater profits and satisfied customers.

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