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Announcement of New Giti Tire Plant in Chester County, South Carolina Spurs Excitement


Giti Tire’s June 16th announcement to build a new tire manufacturing plant in Chester County, South Carolina has spawned a wave of excitement and enthusiastic anticipation in the region. This is a big deal for both parties – Giti Tire has found a fitting new home to facilitate growing demand in the North American tire market and Chester County has landed a much-needed stimulus to the local economy.

The new $560 million facility is expected to generate over 1,700 new jobs over the next 10 years. Officials are also anticipating a boom in other tire-related businesses and residential development as a result of the new plant. Giti found its “fit” and the new plant will be at Chester County’s “mega site,” a sprawling 1,000-plus acre parcel off Interstate 77, bounded by S.C. 9 on the north and Old Richburg Road to the south.

In all, this is a win-win situation for Giti Tire and Chester County. Excitement is in the air and the news is spreading fast. As a result of the tremendous influx of inquiries related to the new plant announcement, Giti Tire has developed a microsite with links to videos, press releases, photo galleries, career opportunities and a host of other information pertaining to the new North American home of Giti Tire.

Please visit the Giti Tire Microsite for more information.

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