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H&O Transport Drivers Praise the GT669+FS Long Haul Drive Tire


If you want to know how a truck tire handles, talk to the drivers! H&O Transport has been doing just that, and they like what they hear about the GT Radial GT669+FS drive tire.

"We have had nothing but positive comments from our drivers," said David L. Mouser, Maintenance Manager for the Kentucky-based carrier. "They say the ability and handling have just been incredible."

A closed shoulder and central block pattern in the GT669+FS contributes to the consistent traction and braking enjoyed by the H&O Transport drivers.
Mouser likes what he sees in the bottom line as well. "Over the past years, we have seen great results from the tires . . . significant cost savings and increased revenue from fuel," he noted.
The GT669+FS, a SmartWay-verified tire and compliant with CARB, is extremely fuel efficient. Thanks to a special compound and tread design, the tire also delivers long tread life, and advanced casing construction delivers superior retreadability. It all adds up to a very competitive cost per mile for H&O Transport and many other trucking fleets operating in North America.

Based in Campbellsville, H&O Transport Inc. has more than 40 years' experience providing both LTL and TL services in the Central Kentucky area. Its fleet includes 30 trucks and 100 trailers.

H&O Transport trucks travel an average of 11,000 miles a month with dedicated routes to CA, TX, FL, NC, and IL. According to Mouser, his GT669+FS tires are averaging 230,000 miles at removal.

Mouser, who has been using GT Radial tires for about five years now, said the three keys that make the GITI Tire-H&O Transport relationship so successful are "service, quality and price point."

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